Harness the full
potential of your

Content harmony.

Encore is a modern cloud-born, enterprise content services platform powered by leading technology and backed by decades of experience in content management.

SaaS based and AI ready, Encore is capable of handling large volumes of structured and unstructured content, in real-time, and offers:

  • rapid deployment
  • enterprise modernization in the cloud
  • unrivaled indexing, storage, and content search
  • quick and intuitive retrieval
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Encore’s best of breed partnerships.

We‘ve partnered with industry leaders MongoDB and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to develop Encore’s powerful, cloud-based content management solution.

These partnerships ensure Encore's seamless scalability, high-performance, security, and reliability for your ever-evolving business needs.


With deep industy experience, Encore's team has gained invaluable insights into the challenges of legacy ECM systems. Drawing from this knowledge, Encore’s architecture, capabilities, and features are designed to empower your business to harness the full potential of your content, delivering it with intelligence, simplicity, and usability in mind.

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Our guiding principle is simplicity – from quick setup and seamless deployment to effortless and intuitive usability. We've built modern search capabilities that deliver the right data, when it's needed for better customer experiences, smarter business decisions and improved operations that increase your bottom line. Encore isn't just about content management; it's about content mastery, next-gen innovations and simplicity.

Built from the cloud up.

We don’t have roots in legacy systems, and we’ve never even set foot on the ground. We are free from the limitations of outdated methods, obsolete technology, and traditional constraints. Encore delivers unparalleled flexibility and scalability with lower cost and higher performance allowing your content to evolve with your business.

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What is cloud-native?

It means we use a collection of systems and processes that were born in the cloud to develop, deploy, enhance, and maintain the system. In this model, development is continuous and deployment completely automated; cumbersome, interrupting upgrades are a thing of the past. Micro-services scale seamlessly to handle whatever workloads are thrown at them.

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Encore’s core foundation is built on and supported by the powerful security features of our partners MongoDB and AWS.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Vulnerability Testing


Data Encryption

Employee Enablement


  • Upload, Download, View, Edit
  • Classification Templates
  • Custom Metadata
  • Document Versioning
  • Folders
  • Export as PDF
  • Metadata & Text Search
  • Saved Searches
  • Role-Based Security Policies
  • Audit Tracking & Reporting
  • Single-Sign-On
  • Disaster Recovery

Scalability & flexibility.

We understand that your business needs are dynamic, which is why Encore is designed to adapt to your growth. As your business expands, so does the power of our technology, effortlessly accommodating increased content demands and user interactions. Encore's adaptability not only optimizes your budget but also provides peace of mind, knowing that our solution grows with you.

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